Welcome to the National Fishermen’s Development Group Website

The National Fishermen’s Development Group is a consultative forum of fishermen representative of the Irish fishing industry. The NFDG comprises fishermen operating vessels of all sizes and from all sectors (i.e. polyvalent, pelagic and inshore). It  provides a platform for dialogue between fishermen on “grassroots” issues relating to the operation of fishing vessels, allow for knowledge transfer on best practice and dissemination of information on issues impacting on the day-to-day running of fishing vessels.

Established in May 2017 the National Fishermen’s Development Group is made up of  representatives from the four Producer Organisations, the inshore sector through the National Inshore Fishermen’s Forum (NIFF), National Inshore Fishermen’s Association (NIFA)  and from the wider fishing industry not represented by either the POs or the NIFF/NIFA.  It acts as a conduit for fishermen to express their views and give feedback  to the Producer Organisations, the NIFF/NIFA and the wider fishing industry on a range of issues.

The NFDG is  financed under the Sustainable Fisheries Scheme through Ireland’s EU Structural and Investment Funds Programme 2014-2020 and part financed by the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund. The NFDG is facilitated by Bord Iascaigh Mhara who provide administrative support to the NFDG.

Terms of Reference for the National Fishermen’s Development Group are available to download here.